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"Everything has been set in advance and permission has been granted."-Siona Thacker

In recent years, mysticism is one of the most proven and popular tools for body and soul healing.


The world of mysticism opens up a window that expands and sweeps you into the depths of the soul. You will be exposed to the history of your life from the day you were born into the future, revealing your destiny and purpose. Siona's work exposes the hidden secrets of life's details, and dives into the deepest and hidden layers in your life with great precision and a focus on the next seven years.


All areas and layers of mysticism contain a whole world of spiritual aspirations, some of which are understood, and some of which are clogged. Mysticism helps us to create the connection between the material and the spiritual worlds, which is an inseparable part of our lives. Exploring this allows us to enter the depths of the divine soul that resides within us.


Mysticism denies the use of chemical substances as a tool for healing the mind. The provision of chemical drugs for calming the soul by psychiatry and psychology not only does not heal, but perpetuates mental unrest even more. The soul is spiritual and requires spiritual and non-material food.


Siona Thacker is a spiritual counselor with over 20 years of experience in the field of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah's mystical powers are astonishing in a variety of areas: determining present and future destiny, opening fate and luck, interpreting dreams, matching and healing relationships, restoring self-confidence, and recovering from depression. Siona helps in spiritual and emotional healing, and making decisions related to business, studies, relationships, financial, and family.