*Some names have been changed upon request, to protect the identity of our customers.

Amazing!! Amazing!! Amazing!!!
— Lily B.
I did not know how much my life would change for the better. Siona guided me and explained to me with great patience patterns in my life that were holding me back, and through this I was able to heal and move forward. I have no doubt that I will consult with her again and again.
— Cohen L.
The best spiritual advisement experience I have ever had. Thanks Siona for all the support and help.
— Miri B.
I have continuously met with Siona for the past eight years. I first heard about her through a friend who consulted with her often, and decided to meet with her for fun to see what she was all about. In our first three-hour conversation, she told me that in another three years I would fall in love with a woman and quickly after meeting we would have a child. Well, although I found this hard to believe at the time (I very much enjoyed being a bachelor), I put the notes I wrote during our meeting in my wallet. The years went by, I forgot about Siona and the note I wrote.
Exactly three years later I met a woman who I fell for almost immediately and we were expected to have a child the following year and get married. I wasn’t emotionally ready for the relationship, and after lots of arguments we split. I was so depressed and just out of sorts.

One day while I was cleaning out my wallet, I came across the note I wrote three years ago. I was in total shock, how the hell did she know what would happen in three years?? I called Siona and met with her again. She told me that after my breakup I would meet a divorced woman with a child, and that I should move forward with my life. She shook me out of my depression over this past break-up and surely enough the following year I met the love of my life, Shaina - a divorcee with a child.
Since then, I have consulted with Siona about everything, business, relationships, travel, everything.
— Jack D.
Dear Siona, before I came to you I went to a lot of doctors and psychologists and nothing seemed to help how alone and insecure I felt. Today I would like to thank you for all the help and support you gave me. You helped me stand on both my feet and return to my normal, active, thriving self.

I believe that God sent you to me at exactly the right time and place, I have no doubt about it.
— Maggie A.
The coolest meeting, period. When I first made my appointment I was super nervous and didnt know what to expect. Within my first ten minutes with Siona she had already loaded me down ffee and made me feel so at home. Her advice was spot on too. Really cool and highly recommend.
— Sandra Z
Siona has the ability to form a kind of compass that directs and recovers lost souls. Professionally and in a simple way guides you and helps you at the crossroads you find yourself in. Siona lit up the closed hatch and slowly I realized that my life was all good and that the future had positive things in store for me. Today, after two years since I met Siona, I get to point out that everything she said about my future has come true and I am very happy today.

Siona you are unique person who gives endless love!!! Thanks, thank you, thank you.
— Malia R.