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We are made of two bodies, the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual body is our soul.

Just as the physical body needs physical food to revive it, so too does the soul. The soul needs spiritual food to heal and to thrive. We spend so much time on our physical health, making sure to work out everyday and eat right, that we forget we are actually a spiritual being that also, if not more importantly, needs spiritual nourishment. This becomes most apparent to most of us when we undergo a crisis or a debilitating life event, and we are left searching for meaning and emotional healing in all the places except within our souls.

Spiritual counseling offers the guidance and the strength needed to cope with distress, and illuminate a path forward.

Spiritual counseling uses a combination of spiritual techniques, with an emphasis on developing awareness, that helps a person discover his inner truth and what his or her soul needs to feel truly fulfilled.

Spiritual consultation is based on the essence of the soul, personality, and ability that each person has a unique soul of its own, so the solution is individual to each and different from each other.

  • Managing depression and emotional stress.

  • Improving self-worth / self-esteem.

  • Illuminating the future according to the placement of the stars on your birthhdate.

  • Grief and Loss.

  • Letting go of the past and moving forward.

  • Decision making.

  • Career and business advisory.

  • Healing personal, professional, and family relationships.